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We’re real estate entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping others achieve their goals. With more than 20 years of experience in private real estate, Hoosierflippers Llc provides award winning service to our clients. We'll pair you with the best property for your needs.

We sell spaces made for living life. We market homes to accommodate families of all sizes. We handle all the complex stuff so that you can enjoy the process of buying your home. 

We Buy all Homes in Metro Indianapolis Indiana and Surrounding areas. Find Out How We Can Pay You CASH For Your House…

Hoosierflippers LLC Real Estate is an independent Real Estate Brokerage, committed to providing outstanding service and value to Buyers.

We are widely recognized as the preeminent real estate company in Indianapolis IN. We are known for developing quality working relationships with our clientele; relationships based on respect, integrity, and trust.

Hoosierflippers LLC Real Estate is proud to have developed beneficial relationships with lenders, inspectors, contractors, and a wide range of housing professionals. We pride ourselves on building a solid foundation for your home to rest upon. Whether you are purchasing, selling, or both...we ensure that you have the support you need to make a sound decisions and receive the best deal possible.

We go the extra mile for you!
The People at Hoosierflippers LLC Real Estate take the time to listen to your needs and dreams.

We work tirelessly to facilitate your goals without compromise.

Hoosierflippers LLC is committed to treating every client as if they are our #1 priority.

Whether you are buying, selling, or simply considering a move, we will be happy to speak with you.

Find Out How We Can Pay You CASH For Your House...

And Close In Less Than two Weeks From Today.

We BUY them!

We are individuals just like you that are associated with a group of Investors that buy 5 houses per month and would like to buy more.

Selling your house using traditional methods can be frustrating, expensive and detrimental when time is against you. If life has you in a situation that demands that you sell your house quickly, then we can provide you with a solution to do just that. 

First, let me be sure to tell you that my services and evaluations are free. What we do is create solutions that enable you as a seller, to sell your house quickly without having to sell privately.

There are so many reasons that people are forced to sell their houses and do not have the time, patience, or focus to sell by owner. This is why so many houses lead into foreclosure or end up being rented out and destroyed by tenants. So what we do is provide debt and stress relief by working with you the seller, to create an offer that works for us both.

The offers that we will present to you are designed to relieve you of debt and or responsibility of a house you don’t need or want. We do this by paying you all cash, or by creating terms we all can agree on. By putting together an offer that works for you, we intend to work in a way for us to profit when the house is sold to our end buyer. It is no secret that we buy and sell houses for a profit, and It is important that this is understandably clear from the beginning.

We can provide you with a solution...

It is because you need to quickly resolve this problem of selling your house, and we are able to provide a solution, that we can come together and create a way that we can both benefit from the transaction.

There are no strings attached.
We will provide you with one or sometimes multiple offers, and you choose to accept one or not at all.

Here is a quick list of reasons why people are forced to sell quickly and/or need our services.

In fact, you may fit into one or more of these situations:

Employment Transfer
Moving out of town or state
Loss of employment
Failing business
Fire or water damage
House needs major repair
No equity for Realtor commissions
Behind on payments

Owe liens or judgments
Looking to create seller financing for income stream
Bad tenants
Estate sale
Out of state owner
Military transfers
Realtor listing expired
Heading into foreclosure!

These are just a few, but you get the idea. These situations can happen to anyone at anytime.

Now, we don’t have to buy them at a large discount all the time to make the deal work for us. It really all depends on your needs as a seller or the condition, area and price of your house. In fact, in some cases we can pay full retail or asking price, if of course your house qualifies. Again, it depends on the situation.

All of our intentions are made absolutely clear to you before we agree to do anything. And most importantly, you’re never obligated or pressured to accept any of our offers. There are far too many opportunities available to us so I do not need to force anyone to do anything. 

1.You fill out the form below, or call us with the information that we need about your house and your asking price.

2.We will look over the information you provide and determine what possibilities we have to create a solution that works for us both.

3.We contact you and discuss some possibilities, and if we can agree on some basics, we make arrangements to come see your house.

4.We will do some market analysis to determine the best possible price and/or terms we can offer you.

5.You then are able to make a decision based on what we have told you and we can proceed to closing, or not.

It’s a very simple process, especially because we will make all of the arrangements and handle all of the paperwork.

All you will need to do is decide if you like what we have to offer.

So, now that you know what we can do for you, let’s get started by providing us with the information about your house.

Please submit your info on the form in the "Contact US" section.

We look forward to providing a solution that works for you!

Investment properties are our specialty!

Proudly serving Indianapolis Indiana for nearly a 8 years !

All of our properties are sold As-Is, Where-Is, and with All Faults.

We ask all of our buyers to perform their due dilligence before making an offer!

We do our best to describe the homes, but it is our opinion and it's not guaranteed.

There are no liens on these properties.

We only do cash sales.

We do offer owner financing on some occasions.

The information provided herein is not intended to be for the purposes of soliciting a Security under State or Federal regulations.

This information is intended to give the private investor alternatives to stock market investments,
but is not intended to be a solicitation of a Security under SEC rules and regulations.

This is intended to be a private borrowing transaction. For more information see our disclosure statement
The Intelligent Choice! 


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